First of all I would like to thank my pal Sushil Shrestha Nepali for providing me with such an opportunity. And yeah Shades of HimalayasΒ really is a nice platform to share your travel stories. It has always been a fantasy for me in writing a travel blog. Well this time I am writing a short blog on my trip to Gosainkunda.
Back in the year 2016 damn almost 3 years now, with couple of my friends I was on the trip for like 5 days and yes it was one of the most amazing trip that I have made.

Day 1 :

Deurali; Way To Gosainkunda
First Check Point : Deurali

Total of 7 riding on 4 bikes for almost 6 hours is really a challenge for people. The rocky mountains and a roughened road really were challenges for us. Well, through all those hard tracks we finally reached Dhunche, where we parked our bikes and started moving forward to our very first check point Deurali. Among 7 it was hardest for me to reach there after 6 long hours ride on bike.




Day 2 :

Cholang Pati : On The Way To Gosainkunda
Cholang Pati

Another day, another destination. So, as soon as we got up the next morning we got ready had some stuffs on our tummy and started heading next stop. It wasn’t sure where we were stopping by until we walked . This picture right here is a picture of the place where we stopped by to have our “KHANA” . Included this one because, “Didi’s” over here were so nice and food it was freaking amazing. I still water my mouth as soon as I remember even now I am watering my mouth πŸ˜€ . We had couple of hours break here at Cholang Pati and headed ahead and Lauri Bina is where stopped by for day 2.






Lauri Bina – 3900 metres

Day 3:Β 

3900m now. It was an amazing feeling being here.

The weather drastically changed. The night was chilling. But, all these hot water and warm food kept us warm under those cozy bed sheets πŸ™‚ .





Day 4:

Buddha Mandir
Buddha Mandir – 4200m

Day 4 was the most challenging day of the entire trip. It was straight 15 hours of walk on that day. First of all we headed towards Buddha Mandir and what amazed us as soon as we reached there was this thing. Only 1:30hr Hahaaa !! . But, it was hard even to get here. Due to higher altitude it was hard for us walk faster as we did on earlier days. After seeing this, we were bit energized outta nowhere. But, as soon as we started walking we it got harder and harder. An hour and a half was straight lie πŸ˜› . It took us couple of hours more. But it was all worth it πŸ™‚ . Finally , we reached our destination and yes it was the most amazing feeling that I ever had. All those mesmerizing views all those positive vibes made the worth of the entire walk.

Gosainkunda – The Holy Lake


P.S: We did dived into these holy water πŸ˜‰ .


Day 5:

It was the day all relating to travelling back to Kathmandu.

Well You Guys Can Enjoy Some More Pictures Below :


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