Being a kid, I had bus/vehicle sickness, which meant I would vomit every time I sat on a bus for longer time. Due to this I was not very fond of traveling and had no travel story, I would resist going anywhere out of the walking distance. Hence, until I was of age 16, I hadn’t even left Kathmandu, City of Nepal where I was born. This sure left a vacant space within me missing the experience and feeling of being in a new place. As the college life began, I had a good friend circle who were kind enough to bunk classes with me. Since, I had a job during the day time, I felt like bunking class was the only way for me to enjoy some time of day. Every morning I’d wake up to think, “Where should we go today?”. This way the travel around Kathmandu valley began and to my surprise I loved every bit of it while getting used to vehicle. We went to every place around Kathmandu which was possible between the college hours that was from 6:30AM to 12:30PM, of course we’d have practicals and or extra classes sometimes! 😉

Bunking classes and traveling around Kathmandu gave me a taste of how travel feels like and was encouraged to go farther. The freedom experienced was overwhelming and precious, the moments would turn into beautiful memories being framed on the wall of my brain. Gradually I started leaving valley more often to far but not that far places like Bandipur, Chitwan and Pokhara. Every travel would carry in itself a new experience, some life lessons and often good people. While in Pokhara, the mountains seemed to be closer and I got that urge to go for trekking and hug the mountains. Hence, I started arranging treks which would take place almost once a year with few close friends. Some have also been posted here in Shades of Himalayas as photographic article with the links as follows:

In a long run, I’d love to travel as many places as possible, but considering my budget limit, I had to think creative. As we have been hearing from our childhood, Nepal is a natural beauty and has the range from Plain Terai to Highest Peaks, along with my realization that nature is the only thing that remains consistent. This made me think that if I could travel the different places of Nepal then I would have experienced the diversity of nature with the least budget. Of course, we don’t have ocean and various other aspects for which we’ll need to leave Nepal but don’t you think it’s a great start to experience the nature available to us within our reach of budget and time?

This is my story for how I started traveling around Nepal and will continue to do so while trying my best to share the stories through Photographs and some broken English.

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